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Located 2000 feet up the slope of the 8000 foot Hualalai Mountain Volcano in the heart of the Kona Coffee Belt, lies Jesse and Connie Young's 6 acre coffee farm. Certified organic by International Certification Services, and shade grown in an old Macadamia nut orchard, this coffee is rich in lipids and vanilla notes. The coffee beans are hand picked in the fall until January approximately every 2 weeks so that only the ripe beans are picked and processed. This ensures our coffee never tastes bitter. We process and roast our coffee with certified organic local processors and only roast small batches to guarantee its freshness. Our coffee beans are roasted Vienna / Full City Roast which is darker than Medium Roast but not as dark as French Roast. We are proud to offer our Estate Grown Organic Coffee around the world and ship from Kealakekua, Hawaii USPS Priority or USPS Global Priority.

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