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Jesse Colin Young

Lead Vocals

For 50 years Jesse Colin Young has been singing songs about peace, relationships and the environment. From his folk days in Boston and his first record, Soul Of a City Boy, he has articulated and recorded the tumultuous times of the 60s, 70's, 80's to the present, while reminding us that it is all about family, community and the precious natural world we live in. His musical style is now considered Americana, but in fact it's his unique fusion of jazz, blues, folk and rock with an emphasis on his extraordinary voice that makes his signature sound.

Virginia Garcia Alves

Backup Vocals

Berklee College of Music 2017-vocal performance - From Madrid, Spain, Virginia has a particular originality in the roots and mixture of her sound that allows her to establish a magical, joyful and hypnotizing connection with her audience. When people come to a show they purchase a moment of childlikeness, where there are no preoccupations, and they can simply surrender to the atmosphere of sound and messages. The listeners come to understand and value the music. Her most immediate actions will be to continue her work in New York City after graduation and release her first solo EP shortly after, in which she will include a variety of genres that will represent her diverse musical background and who Virginia really is as a story teller.

Donnie Hogue


Berklee College of Music 2016-Drum Set Performance. Donnie has been playing drums for over 20 years and has performed all over New England as the drummer for the award-winning Silver Arrow Band. Currently he is on tour with the legendary Jesse Colin Young. He can also be heard on multiple recordings under the direction of Susan Rogers (Prince), Sean Slade (Radiohead), Mark Wessel (Sony), and Andy Edelstein (Andy McGhee.) Donnie was also a member of the WGI World Class Group Atlanta Quest where he was Percussion Captain.

Aleif Hamdan

Electric Guitar

Berklee College of Music, Suma Cum Laude 2016-electric guitar performance- Aleif is a guitarist/composer from Indonesia and Malaysia. Growing up in South East Asia, he was exposed to a wide variety of music, contributing to a diverse and eclectic palette of taste. Aleif moved to Kuala Lumpur in 2010 to pursue studies at the International College of Music, and eventually earned a reputation in the national music scene after winning several competitions and awards. In 2012, he moved to the States after receiving the Berklee Achievement Scholarship to further explore new voices in music. Here he gained further recognition as a musician, performing at major venues in the Boston and New York area such as the U.N. General Assembly Hall, Boston Symphony Hall and The Bitter End. He has been privileged have worked with major-label / award-winning artists such as A.R. Rahman, Jesse Colin Young, Gino Banks, Raghu Dixit and Dee Dee Bridgewater. Aleif has worked his way to becoming an in-demand session player; performing and arranging on a wide variety of projects with globally renowned artists from the United States, India, Japan, and several other countries.

Jack Sheehan


Berklee College of Music 2016-Sax Performance
Originally from Long Island, NY, Jack spent most of his youth in Jensen Beach, FL. At only the age of 6, Jack began taking classical piano lessons where he molded his foundation of music. By age 11, Jack was showing strong interest in wanting to play the saxophone. Throughout his middle and high school years, Jack grew to love jazz where he began to excel rapidly. By 13, Jack was gigging 3-4 times per week. Jack had the honor of performing with Grammy winning flautist, Nestor Torres.

After graduating from Jensen Beach High School, Jack attended Berklee College of Music where he studied with teachers such as George Garzone, Jim Odgren, Shannon LeClaire, Ralph Peterson, Tia Fuller, Greg Hopkins, Dave Santoro, to list a few. In May of 2016, Jack graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor's degree in Performance.

Jack has performed with artists such as Terence Blanchard, John Clayton, Kendrick Scott, Aaron Spears (Usher), Sinbad, Jesse Colin Young, Luis Conte, Keith Lockhart, Nestor Torres, The Family Stone and many others.

Tristan Young


Berklee College of Music 2016- Magna Cum Laude, music performance- Tristan Young is a Brooklyn, NY based electric bassist.He is an avid player of multiple genres of music and is currently the Music Director/ Co Arranger/ Band manager/ and Bass player of the Jesse Colin Young Band.

JennHwan Wong


Berklee College of Music 2015 graduate- Jenn is a Professional Pianist, Keyboardist, Performer, Arranger, Teacher, Recording Artist & Session Musician born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His classically trained background, strong pop, blues, jazz and film score influences with comprehensive understanding of a wide range of musical styles allow him a rich palette to paint his particular musical style . Jenn is passionate about fostering environments that promote high levels of creativity, quality music, and intercultural learning/understanding.

JennHwan is Band leader/ artistic director of Fluoroscent Collective, has performed with the Pat Metheny Ensemble and opened for such artists as Grammy award winning country singer Jim Lauderdale and Hong Kong rock band, Beyond.

Sally Stempler

Back-up Vocals

Berklee College of Music 2017-Songwriting. Sally Rose Stempler is a Massachusetts native with a penchant for funky musical adventures. She has been singing background vocals for various bands in multiple genres throughout the North East since she moved back to Boston in 2013. Her songwriting degree from Berklee College of Music has allowed her to delve deeper in to the arrangement and writing of not only background vocals, but also a solo EP set to be released this summer. Singing with Jesse and the band has been a thrilling experience for Sally, and she's excited to continue to share his poignant songs, which captivate audiences and have shaped the musical landscape of American history.

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